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Make an extra effort to take a step to performance improvement. House calls for corporations and individualized programs help prevent doctor visits, and help you walk away with a healthy body, soul and mind strong. The game plan in next level fitness will address all wellness needs you want to achieve your body soul elite.



We include deep muscle stimulation for preventative injury and rehabilitation to increase mobility with experienced physical therapist aids. Our wellness club also provides a unique style of personal touch to accommodate all men and women wellness needs. You want to solution we have because we include private membership training with towel service, alkaline water and relaxation after each workout you finish. Stretching, plus vibration therapy will leave you walking away with a body soul elite you thought you never had. 

Exercise is preventative medicine.

*Increases Confidence in Business gatherings.

*Increases Team productivity

*Increase focus in the workplace

*Increase in relax work environment

*Increase in staff retention

*Increase in staff satisfaction




New York City & LA, Artist.

“I love training with Daniel when I am in town because he pushes me to my limit. With is knowledge and his experience I have seen amazing results coming to his training .”

— Paola Shea.

Tony Robbins, Public Figure!

“I love how Daniel helps his clients close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. I recommend training with Daniel because his passion to connect with others and support everyone with custom individualized goals. Your old patterns is where Daniel will help you create new better habits.”

— T.R.

Ed Mylett, Performance Expert.

“Daniel will help you maxout your fitness plan to incredible results. Starting is easy and maintaining it is the difficult part where your coach Daniel will have the solution for you.”

— E.M.



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