Youth sports performance training


Help Coaches facilitate at risk youth to find where they want to go. Coaching children any exercise is positive and healthy. The Replenish foundation gives back to train kids in every area of life to improve social skills, increase confidence and create healthy habits for a better future. 

Young adults fitness training


Young adults training is a course for ages 13-18 to help design a bright future in the direction they want to achieve. We designed the plan to help young adults have leadership mentor them throughout high school because we want to decrease bullying.

The executive program


Our mission is to provide house calls for corporations who want to succeed by giving back to their team with incredible health & wellness benefits. Increasing staff satisfaction, productivity and great work environment is our focus to bring out the best in your company. 



“My Struggle before starting with me joining to have a body soul elite was not being able to be more active because the condition my knee. I always had to sit out and unable to do the simplest things at work or in my person life. I had to quit teaching kids at church every Sunday because I couldn’t stand for the 2 hours I needed to work with them. Having to miss out on other family activities and I couldn’t walk around my neighborhood before now. I felt stiff, pain, and the feeling that I was continually going backwards and it was getting worse and worse. By working on my knee, strengthening and releasing my knee pain I have no more pain and I am able to get around and do more. I feel more engaged with everything that goes on in my life. Instead of having to worry about how long I will be out or how long I will have to stand and now I don’t have to think about these things anymore.” - Barbara Crowson *Executive Director of Paramount Chamber of Commerce

Smile, sweat, & repeat

Do more. Be more. Sweat more. Jump more. Live more. Rest more. Love more. Run more. Give more.


"Growing into the beautiful strong independent attention grabbing butterfly that I am meant to be. Thank you for helping me get out of my comfort zone for believing in me trusting in me and pushing me to expand my knowledge in all aspects of life. Blessed are you in the name of the Lord I am too blessed in him for removing people in my life and bringing me those who are meant to help mold me into the person the woman the mother that I am meant to be. I truly believe you are one of those people." ~Brenda Rosales


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