Daniel Barillas.

My job isn’t to give you a workout.

At least thats not how I see it.

I see my job as much simpler. But also more important.

When we work together we begin to create a shift in the life training session you sign up for such as a positive mental, spiritual & physical choices. I am here as a lifestyle coach to optimize your workout time and personalize a nutrition game plan for you. I am talking about the next level better performance version of yourself…

I’m talking about focus and confidence. You can relax now because I see myself as the super coach you want or need.

Daniel’s work as touched the lives of top entertainers - from Cedric the Entertainer, Dj Paola Shea, and Jaymee Sire. As well as businesses like New American Funding, Lexus of Beverly Hills, Cardone training technologies, and Repair Training Institute. Billionaire business leaders seek his advice as well; Queen Latifah, and Gene Simmons Co-Founded Rock & Brews are among those grateful for his coaching.

As a philanthropist, through his partnership with Courage Forward, Mr. Barillas has provided over 1,000 meals in the last 12 months to those in need. He is on track to provide a million meals in the next 3 years. He has also initiated programs in more than 2 cities, 1 school, and 1 service organization and wellness club. He provides mentorship to youth at risk to 1 child each month in Mexico in order to fight the number one killer of children in that country-heart diseases.